Our Principal & Staff


Mrs Louise Elliot-Watson

Mrs Louise Elliot-Watson has been teaching at YVCS since its beginning in 2022. She has now stepped into the role of Principal, bringing with her a wealth of experience teaching students with additional learning needs, including Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, and Dyslexia. She holds a Masters in Inclusive Education, a Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood), and a Bachelor of Education (Primary).


Mrs Vicki Lowbridge

Mrs Vicki Lowbridge has a wealth of experience working in Early Childhood education. She holds a Bachelor of Education (Primary), a Diploma in Children’s Services, a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood), a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood), and is currently undertaking a Masters of Special Education. 


Mrs Penny Egan

Mrs Egan has over 20 years’ teaching experience across early childhood and primary education, including working closely with a number of children on the autism spectrum. She currently holds a Bachelor in Arts Primary Education, which she graduated from with Honours.

Mrs Lyndal Hansford

Mrs Hansford has a wealth of experience in Early Childhood education and has worked in a variety of preschools, long day care centres and schools for over 30 years. In her role at Footprints Early Learning centre, she worked closely with children who had additional learning needs, including autism.

Mrs Sarah Potter

Mrs Potter has a range of experience working with children in educational settings and is currently studying to be a child psychologist.

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